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Newton Taxi is committed to your safety. If you call us,  expect our regular yellow cab that says Newton Taxi to pick you up. Private vehicles are not authorized to pick you up at anytime, under any circumstance. WE DO NOT PICK UP in private cars. Thieves, rapists and con-artists may try to be creative to make a few bucks during the holidays. If you call for a cab, and a private vehicle show up; DO NOT get on board. Your safety can be compromised. Just call the Newton Police department and give them a description of the vehicle and the driver that showed up to pick you up. 
Also, if you are traveling outside of Newton or Rockdale County, tell the driver that you only want the flat rate quote as it's set up to save you money. Upon reaching your destination, if the meter rate is higher than the quoted rate, you are only obligated to pay the amount the driver quoted you. However, if the meter rate is lower than the quoted fare, you only have to pay the lower amount posted on the meter. Remember for faster response only call the main phone line.
770-787-9330. For security reason, never text your address information to any driver or dispatcher. Also remember that we will never pick you up in a private vehicle. It's illegal and unsafe. Yellow Cab- Newton Taxi is determined to provide you great price, and excellent customer service experience. Need a quote for your next trip ? Call Us. 
Yellow Cab -Newton Taxi is now offering shuttle van service to many popular destinations such as:  Atlanta Int. Airport, Stone Crest Mall, Buford Highway bus line, & downtown Atlanta e.c.t. Traveling in the shuttle van service line will reduce the price that you would pay for a regular taxi ride into just a fraction of the cost. When you travel with the shuttle van, your cost to go to the Atlanta Airport is just $25.00 per person. And going to Stone Crest Mall, is only $15.00 per person each way. A minimum of 5 persons per trip is required in the Shuttle Van Line. Summer time is upon us, get a few friends and get to your hang- out- spot in style. 
To those who preferred to travel like the executive personnel, you now have the leisure to request the Lincoln Town Cars. Just seat back, relax, and enjoy a comfortable ride without paying the price a limousine company would charge you. Please forward this link  to your friends, co-workers, family members and associates, and tell them that Newton Taxi, Limo & Shuttle Service is the best way to get a lift. We're sure you'll be happy using our service again and again.
Need  something else? Look around our website for jobs opportunities and deals. If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us directly.
Once again, the best and fastest way to request our service is by calling the main phone line 770-787-9330
24 hrs/day & 7 days/week and one of our dispatchers, or switchboard members will be happy to assist you. Remember, we will never pick you up in a private car. And never text your address information to any driver or dispatcher. 
As your most trusted and most reliable taxi cab company, we are open 24 hrs & 7 days a week to serve your needs. If you call, and we do not answer right away, please call us again. We do not monitor our voice mail. Therefore, do not leave us voice mail as we may not get to you promptly.
Newton Taxi Services, Inc. McDonough GA. Tel.770-787-9330 144 Yellow cab newton taxi
Newton Taxi Services, Inc. McDonough GA. Tel.770-787-9330 241
Newton Taxi Services, Inc. McDonough GA. Tel.770-787-9330 222
We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. For jobs visit the employment page.
                       Happy Holidays!
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